R.osa – 21/22 ottobre – Aarhus – Denmark

Move Your Mind Festival Bora Bora Aarhus Denmark

Claudia Marsicano brings her famous one-woman-show “R.OSA – 10 Exercises for New Virtuosities” to the Festival Move your mind, held from 5 to 30 October 2020, at the Bora Bora Theatre in Aarhus (Denmark).

Move your mind is a festival focusing on body, brain, and movement.

Through dance performances from home and abroad, lectures with experts, conversation salons, audience conversations with artists, workshops, documentaries, together with audience members and the festival’s artists, it can try to put into words the experiences of both the brain and the body.

R.OSA  is a dance performance composed of 10 exercises. In the center, we experience the charismatic Claudia Marsicano, who can be described as a great and big dancer.

With an astonishing and enthralling surplus of energy, she, like another cheerleader, manages to convey her positive energy and dance to the audience who are encouraged to cheer.

The tongue is in the cheek, the twinkle is in the eye and all you can do is surrender completely to Claudia’s physical performance and Silvia Gribaudi’s choreography.

Claudia Marsicano’s “R.OSA” is a “one-woman-show” that challenges both gravity and our preconceived attitude towards body ideals. Inspired by Jane Fonda’s workouts of the ’80s and painter Botero’s imagery, which is full of voluminous bodies, she has created a solo dance performance with humorous charm, irony, and hyperenergic dance that you hardly thought possible.

“R. OSA” is a performance perfectly inscribed in Silvia Gribaudi’s poetics, a choreographer who, with a surprising irony, stages the expression of a body, of women and of social roles, and creates a direct relationship with the audience through an informal language.

R.OSA – 10 Exercises for New Virtuosities

21 e 22 ottobre 2020

Ore 19:30

  Bora Bora – Valdemarsgade 1 – 8000 -Århus C

 Tlf. 86190079